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Privacy in Sex Abuse Cases

Privacy in Sex Abuse Cases

Privacy is a paramount concern for those who have experienced sexual assault and decide to file a civil lawsuit. The fear of exposure can often prevent survivors of sexual abuse from coming forward and pursuing claims against their abusers. At Levy Konigsberg (LK), we are committed to maintaining your privacy and ensuring that the details of your case remain confidential. We make every effort to implement procedures that help our clients feel safe and comfortable to tell their stories and seek justice against their perpetrators.

Can My Name be Withheld in a Lawsuit?

Pseudonyms can be used in a lawsuit to prevent a survivor from experiencing additional psychological and emotional harm. If survivors of sex crimes were unconditionally required to file lawsuits using their own names rather than “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” they might be discouraged from revealing the abuse and proceeding with a sexual abuse claim. Courts may permit the use of pseudonyms since the claimant’s need for privacy typically outweighs concerns for openness in proceedings. The use of a pseudonym in lieu of a survivor’s name is generally protected by the right of privacy in the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions. The survivor may also have the right to prevent disclosure of other private information related to the sexual crimes committed against him/her.

Publication of Proceedings

While there is a general presumption of openness in court proceedings, a court can place limitations on access to a trial and publication of the proceedings in certain circumstances. When privacy rights supersede the benefits of open proceedings, the court can opt to maintain the privacy of the proceedings. This is particularly true in sexual abuse cases where experts have found that the disclosure of sensitive information related to one’s sexual abuse can thwart the survivor’s healing process.

Maintaining Confidentiality Throughout the Litigation Process

Talking about sexual abuse can be extremely difficult for many survivors. Some survivors may worry about the traumatic effect of discussing the abuse that they endured. We provide a compassionate and professional atmosphere where you can feel safe to talk about your experiences. Your consultation is 100% confidential and your need for privacy will always be respected. We will protect your rights to maintain confidentiality and anonymity in court proceedings using all the tools at our disposable.

The lawyers at LK are committed to helping you achieve the justice you deserve for your injuries. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to hold abusers and the institutions that protected them accountable for their actions. We understand and value your right to privacy and will make every effort to maintain your privacy inside and outside the courtroom. If you or your child has been the victim of sexual abuse either recently or decades ago, please contact us for a free confidential case evaluation by calling 1-800-225-9825 or through the form on this page.

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